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- About Us -


It is a leading company in the welding sector, boasting a company history of over thirty years and over fifty years of professional experience headed by Di Fulvio Antonio, its founder and director.

It operates in two sectors of industrial welding; in the first it stands out for the production of special systems created under the cover of patents; in the second, under the guise of Eurofilo, it presents itself on the market with the production of welding wires.

All products are made following quality standards of absolute excellence guaranteed by the constant search for innovative solutions and the use of raw materials of the highest quality, all shaped by the human factor; in fact, the company management retains all the qualities attributable to family management.

Operation is marked by a unique know-how in the world. The production chain for both the "wires" division and the "systems" division is monitored by the source in all its steps; raw materials are sourced only from certified European suppliers. Safety and reliability are guaranteed by constant monitoring by the TUV Nord-Region Essen Rheinland Industrie Service and DB (Deutsche Bahn) for rolling stock. All Saldotecnica brand products therefore strictly comply with community regulations (CE).

The results achieved over the last 30 years have a common denominator: research. The study and elaborations of the Saldotecnica Research Center have allowed the birth of a fundamental collaboration with leading companies in the automotive sector, allowing the development of autonomous or integrated robotic production lines and islands; over 300 plants in the world work every day to the satisfaction of our customers.

Despite being a family business, it has managed to carve out a share of the European and world market (RUSSIA-CHINA-MIDDLE EAST-SOUTH AMERICA) where the target is represented by quality. In his role as a producer, the right mix between the human component and cutting-edge technical solutions allows for the flexibility necessary to face particularly fierce global competition today; the company policy is permeated with a single will that leads to consideration of our. Customers, real partners capable of contributing to that constant growth which represents the only guarantee of success on the market.

Innovation, quality, creativity and excellence in technology development

- Mission -


Saldotecnica adopts and promotes an international culture of innovation and quality, creativity and excellence in the development of increasingly innovative technologies, in management and customer care, in sales and service.

Ours is a friendly and informal team, young, flexible and strongly oriented towards facing the daily challenges of technological development with a strong motivation, where collaboration and new ideas are welcome and form the basis of our innovation policies. It is considered a model of excellence and a point of reference that always defines new goals in the automation software industry.

Innovation and sustainability in the future

- Innovation -


A company present for over 35 years in the production of plants and industrial automation, with a constant growth in turnover and profits and an ever-expanding international presence. Saldotecnica has been able to regulate its growth, constantly investing in technological innovation and Research and Development, pursuing long-term objectives based on concreteness and reliability, in a world like that of welding.

Protagonist in a growing sector, that of automation and welding, Saldotecnica continues to gain market shares not only thanks to the quality of the products, but also thanks to the quality of the support and services, essential components in the supplies which, if not available or if not carried out correctly, they inevitably risk causing the customer even high indirect costs. The enthusiasm of the company team in the work carried out is reflected in the quality of the results, for the benefit of customers. The company is organized efficiently to best design, support and promote its products.

The company has been able to gain an important space, not only on the Italian market, but also on the international market, thanks to the professionalism of its distribution network abroad and international partnerships.

A dynamic company, with a young management and a motivated group are the characteristics of Saldotecnica, an innovative company by vocation. The thing that makes Saldotecnica special is the group. Everyone takes part in the Saldotecnica project and is involved with enthusiasm. The team's harmony allows for optimal information sharing which makes the level of product integration possible. The enthusiasm in the work carried out is reflected in the quality of the results, for the benefit of customers. The company is efficiently organized to design, support and promote its products WELDING WIRE, WELDING EQUIPMENT Etc.
The technologies and products are designed exclusively in Italy, in the offices of Atessa, and Fara F. Petri

Efficiently organized to design, support and promote products

- Productive process -


The production process of SALDOTECNICA in the production of welding wires is one of a kind.
An innovative process that to date only SALDOTECNICA holds in the manufacture of copper-plated and non-copper wire for welding.
This process has been studied and implemented and perfected over the years by SALDOTECNICA is its strong point.


The wire is completely dry drawn starting from the raw material with a diameter of 5.5mm up to a diameter of 0.6mm.
The wire rod is pickled in line and drawn, the wire is (copper or bronzed or no coating) in a single machine without the aid of lubricating oils and above all without restarting in other machines for the further reduction of the diameter.

  • SURFACE QUALITY OF THE WIRE, IT IS COMPLETELY DRAWN WITH SYNTHETIC DIAMOND DIES (The wire slides more easily in the sheaths without leaving dirt or copper waste, etc.)

SALDOTECNICA has a fleet of latest generation machines, always investing in the automation and quality of the production process.
All processing plants are completely automatic from drawing to rewinding up to packaging.

Specific solutions to improve production management and maintenance

- Solutions -


Saldotecnica provides automotive industries with solutions, consumables and welding production lines. All products (WELDING WIRE, SYSTEMS, etc.) are part of the Welding Technology sector, the policy is to reduce production stops to a minimum, minimize operating costs and development times, production becomes efficient and reliable through specific solutions that allow you to improve production management and maintenance.

Our production processes are certified

- Certifications -

All our certifications

We imagine innovative solutions and create them

A dynamic company, with a young management

- Events and Fairs -

Let's make our company known

Schweissen & Schneiden International trade fair

Schweissen & Schneiden International trade fair

11 - 15 September 2023


SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, the undisputed No. 1 in the industry, is returning home. The entire international community of joining, cutting and surfacing technology specialists will once again gather at the modernised MESSE ESSEN exhibition grounds – a promising home match.

In 2023, the unsurpassed range of the world’s leading trade fair will once again cover the entire value chain, attracting numerous top decision-makers, experts and market leaders from all sectors.

Key topics, including additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and underwater engineering, will all be showcased at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. This is a unique opportunity to experience and discuss further developments in automation, robotics and production.

Full technical support and we are flexible in meeting customer needs

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