The wire in drums which produces the SALDOTECNICA is the result of many years of research.

The ROBOPACK drums is landmark on the national and international market for the quality and constancy.
Used by most major car manufacturers, and shipyards, is a point of reference in world markets


• efficient handling; increased
welding productivity
• reduced downtime; increased
welding productivity
• process stability;
continuous welding
• weld quality; well positioned
welds, less rejects
• less equipment wear; less
maintenance downtime,
lower wear part costs.

All the raw material is the frist quality, SALDOTECNICA GROUP BUY ONLY EUROPEAN PRODUCT

the quality is guaranteed by innovative drawing process that adopts SALDOTECNICA
"Dry drawing"

The wire is drawing in a single processing without successive rounds and without processing oils which may contaminate the product.

This wire has been created to satisfy your widest quality requirements.

DIAMETER:   0,80 - 0,90 - 1,00 - 1,20 - 1,60


PACKAGING:     50 Kg – 100 Kg – 250 Kg – 400 Kg – 700 Kg – 1000 Kg